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Our Story

PhonogramDS strives to provide quality services, exceptional efficiency and the highest level of professionalism.  The company is up for every job, managing projects with skill and experience.  

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PhonogramDS - Origin story 

My love for recorded sound started with my parents. I remember growing up spinning Motown records in our basement in the west end of Toronto. I remember all the mediums and changes over the years; playing back cassette tapes of recorded songs from the radio just to get the song lyrics in, playing CDs on my Sony walkman and recording mp3s of my sister's singing. My mother was secretary for the Solicitor General of an overseas country, and she came to Canada in the '70s equipped as a professional, fluent in the languages of stenography and shorthand. My father was a hardworking, jack of all trades but always stressed to us the importance of words and taught me to stand by what I say. As a tribute, my goal is to continue their legacy in my business. There have been many changes to transcription methods over the years but accurately capturing the true essence of the record has never changed. Thomas Edison invented the phonograph 146 years ago(1)! These remarkable sound-reproducing machines recorded sounds into the grooves of cylinders and records. A phonogram is a symbol that represents a vocal sound or word and as we all know, comprehension is crucial. I used a cygnet horn for my logo because I can’t forget the moment when my partner played me a Blue Amberol for the first time, I felt like we got transported back in time to when it was recorded.

• (1) Read, Oliver and Walter Welch. From Tin Foil to Stereo: Evolution of the Phonograph. Indianapolis, 1959, 2nd edition 1976, is one of the most detailed histories of the phonograph. H. W. Sams

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We are based in Ontario, Canada.  Authorized Court Transcriptionist since 2015. Over 8 years of experience in various progressive roles in court administration for the Ontario Provincial Courts - Criminal and Youth and Municipal Courts (Provincial Offences). Over 12 years of experience as an accounting clerk/bookkeeper, which included producing reports from large data, creating summaries and meeting minutes.  Entry Certificate in Business Analysis - ECBA, IIBA.

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